Sunshine Blogger Award (No. 4…I think)

Morning chaps! Well, my good chum Rory a wonderful guy called bloke, is now responsible for me having to erect a virtual shelf as he has nominated me for another award. Honestly, I am really touched by this so thanks from the bottom of my heart Rory :O) Do wander over and have a chat with him, his blog is incredibly entertaining and I’m sure you’ll love it!

321 Quote Me – Imagination

I have been tagged again! Do you remember playing tag in the playground when you were a kid? It was so much fun wasn’t it?! Anyway, there is no running involved with this but it is  loads of fun ;O) The tagger today is the lovely Sadje, please do pay her a visit, I know that you’ll end up being great friends..

Song Lyric Sunday: Last

Here we are, the first Sunday in December and ready to celebrate… not Christmas that’s still 3 weeks away….Song Lyric Sunday :O) Brought to us each week by the lovely Helen (she’s been poorly so why not pop over to see her and give her a virtual hug), it presents the perfect opportunity to discover new music and meet new bloggers.

FOWC: Credit

“Girls” his voice thundered “Girls! Where are you?”

‘Those bloody kids’ he thought ‘where the hell have they wandered off to now’.

“Gina! Find the girls, we’re going to be late” he picked up his whiskey and took a gulp.

Morning guys! I just had to share this wonderful feelgood poem with you this morning; it’s really touching and just made me feel all warm and gooey – hope it does the same for you. Brandi writes some great stuff so please pop over for some of her wisdom and a cup of joe ;O) x

Please come in. Get comfortable. There is no need to feel bashful. I’ve had many cases like you before. Most complain of a heart that is sore, so they come to me to ease their pain. Hoping they can feel love again. Is that why you came to me? You can’t get your love to flow? […]

via Reflexology of Your Heart — Couch Talks, Wisdom & A Cup of Joe

Is Morality Objective or Subjective?

This is another one of Fandango’s Provocative Questions and, damn, it’s a good one! First things first, what is morality? According to Lord Google, it’s a set of principals which consider the difference between right and wrong……but according to whom? That’s where we run into our first problem with morality as a concept isn’t it?


‘Bollocks!’ Kadem thought to himself ‘I really hate this bloody job sometimes!’

He looked through his latest work order and really wished that he could just bin it and walk away but, in his profession, that really wasn’t an option. He rubbed his eyes and briefly put his head in his hands before turning his attention back to the screen. 

I had to share this incredibly insightful post with all of you, I hope that you’ll read it and that it will make you think as it did me…………

I’m watching It’s a Wonderful Life with my son, Chase, when in between handfuls of popcorn he asks two questions: Why did people back then only see in black and white? Why did George want to jump off the bridge? Question one was easy to answer but difficult for my 8 year my son to understand.…

via I’m watching It’s a Wonderful Life with my son… — WriteOnFightOn

FOWC: Leave

He watches her as she struggles to bring the wood in for the fire, hands cold, head down.  It had started to rain when she was splitting the logs but she hadn’t stopped, she’d raised the axe over and over again, slowly fading as her muscles grew weaker. It’s not a long walk from the woodpile to the house but she had done it so many times her step had begun to  falter.

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