The Inequality of Law

Can someone please explain how the violent rape of a woman and conning a hedge fund out of money can possibly be on the same page in the sentencing handbook (if there is such a thing)? Does someone, somewhere who has a very important job title look at those two offences and thinks ‘yep that’s fair’? If so, he should be summarily fired and forced to track down his lost marbles! What am I ranting about? Sorry, yes, I should probably explain…..

Dear Friend, I met sadness yesterday, we’ve been acquainted for so long that now I can actually call him my best friend now. Not that I liked being around him or that his presence makes me feel good but he always sticks around with me when no one else does and still, I don’t appreciate […]

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I just had to share this with you all; I read it and then just couldn’t find the words to express how much it resonated with me. I know that many of you have experienced tough times, loss, grief and anxiety and I think that you’ll understand and appreciate this amazing letter

Lisa x



Vile and loathsome creature, take your claws from my gut

Let go your hold. Leave me to walk alone, without you

Pulling me back, holding me close, whispering, despicable

Forcing my mind wide open to pour in foul imagery

Bras and Hairdressers….

How on earth can those two things possibly be connected I hear you ask. Good question and one that I, like you, would not have contemplated until the other day when I found myself in the hair salon for my six weekly torture session  trim. As many of you know I do not enjoy being stuck in front of a mirror for an hour at a time while someone does creative things with scissors and hair gum (what is that?!?!?) but needs must….

I am sure that many of you know Brian over at Bonnywood Manor but, if you don’t, I urge you to read this. It made me laugh so hard that I’m still mopping coffee off my keyboard…….

Here’s the deal. I was tidying up the house the other day when I noticed that the on-hand stock of a certain “relationship enhancement” product was alarmingly low. Now, I normally wouldn’t think it appropriate to publicly share details of the bedroom. But in this particular case, considering the mind-numbing adventure I endured whilst trying […]

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Song Lyric Sunday: Hide

Good morning all you lovely people out there and Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a good week and are ready to play along with Song Lyric Sunday. The lovely Helen came up with this brilliant idea which brings together music lovers for a lyrical orgy each and every Sunday. Why not join in with us? You’ll discover new songs and meet new bloggers so what have you got to lose :O

dear struggling human:

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I see you. I see your tears. I see your grief from the loss of your dreams. I see your anguish leaking out of your eyes in the dark. I see your emptiness of feeling alone, and I see your dread that you always will be. I see the pain…

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