Only The Best?

“You’ve just got it in for me……you’ve been listening to the other kids telling fake stories about me”

“Stop shouting Donald please, you’re just throwing a tantrum now and I won’t put up with it! Please answer the question”

“Its my school! Mine! I don’t want new kids. I’m really clever, more cleverer  than you, and I don’t want it”

The Price of Success

It was just 2 years ago that you finally finished your first novel, you know the one that left blood, sweat and tears on your keyboard, the one that consumed your every waking moment and took you away from your friends and family as you poured your heart and soul into it. Do you remember how it just took off? The money that came rolling in afterwards? The second novel that just seemed to flow from your fingertips? The adulation, the reviews, the interviews and now they’re making a film from your book; does life really get any better than this?

Quote Challenge: Final Day

Accepting that we are ‘powerful beyond measure’ is impossible for most people, we have so many ingrained fears and doubts that we hide behind walls which protect us and imprison us. If we are weak, give up or don’t even try we will be in good company and everyone will say ‘don’t worry, you’re only human’, if we reach for the stars there will always be someone trying to pull us back down to earth. What if we don’t look back, what if we shake off the negativity, the fear, make ourselves completely vulnerable and open to what life has to offer? Who will stop us then?

Great Read Alert……

Have you ever read anything thing and thought ‘this is me, this is my life!’? I had that moment about half an hour ago. If you are a fan of great books and you have ever suffered from anxiety or depression I urge you to read Read After Burnout by our very own Mike Evans over here at readafterburnout. I started reading it this morning and now I can’t stop because it is funny and sad, brutally honest and thoroughly entertaining (pretty much what I look for in anything I read). 

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

Isn’t the blogging world a lovely place! I am super excited to have been tagged by the charming and talented Nina over at The Cozy Pages; I am so happy that she stumbled across my blog and that I found hers. Please, please take a trip over there soon, especially if you’re a dedicated bookworm, and check out all the great stuff.

Mystery Blogger Award

Well spin my nipple nuts and call me Susan!!  I’ve been nominated by the wonderfully lovely TheKabys at bittermarshmellos for the Mystery Blogger Award and I could not be more chuffed so a big, big thank you and please make sure to pop over there and have a rummage around – you’ll find some great stuff :O)

It’s the Little Things……

Do you find that some little, tiny, incidental things really get on your pip or is it just me? For instance, could you find yourself getting toy throwingly irate over a packet of broken biscuits? No? I did. Now, in my defense, I wasn’t having the best of days but, still, as I think back I can’t help but wonder what on earth got into me……..