The Gabbling Blonde and The Electrician

I am not blonde by birth but by inclination and, sometimes, by action. It’s not that I am unintelligent but just a bit dippy, an airhead if you will. Not all the time you understand, sometimes days can go by without me doing or saying something daft, unfortunately today was not one of those days……..

Told You So!

Has anyone ever said those unfortunate words to you? Did you have to suppress the desire to grab their breadstick from their hands and shove it forcibly up their nose? Well maybe not a breadstick (not sure where that came from at 9am) but you get the picture. It has to be one of the most irritating things that we can say, one human to another, especially when the phrase is accompanied by the tiny, patronising smile which says “I knew you were an idiot”.

Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone :O) Well I don’t know what happened to that week, do you? So, here we are again, it’s time for Song Lyric Sunday; if you haven’t joined in before why not have a go this week, it’s fun! The brainchild of the lovely Helen Vahdati; we are prompted each week to come up with a song that, for us, best encapsulates the word for the day which, this week, is ‘games’. 

Help! It’s my birthday…

Originally posted on Ken Hallett Blog:
? ? ? Have you ever read one of those articles about people who die alone at home and are finally discovered months later? I used to think: “How could anyone become so isolated?” Now, I already seem to be headed that way. Last of the family line. No…

Rewriting History….

Imagine that you had access to a Time Machine (unlikely I know but bear with me) and you could go back and correct past mistakes, would you do it? You’d be aware that changing the past could also change your future but you’d be able to undo hurts, say things you never said, in short, come back to the present with no regrets; would you take the risk?

If That’s All You’ve Got to Worry About..

Morning :O) I’d really like your opinion on something if you’ve got a minute. Do you ever listen to someone telling you about their woes in life and have to stop yourself rolling your eyes at them or sit on your hands so that you’re not tempted to cuff them round the back of their head? Maybe you’re the serene and understanding type that never judges? Either way, what’s your take on this:

The Price of Freedom?

How did I end up here? In a 50ft x 50ft box, all alone with no-one to talk to? I know I shouldn’t complain because I have everything I need; I receive meals three times a day, I have my work, I have machines to exercise, my computer to record my thoughts, books to read and I know that I am completely safe. There is no fear in my world because I know that I cannot be harmed, physically, mentally or emotionally but I am so desperately lonely. I don’t know exactly why these feelings started in me because this is the norm, it’s been my reality for as long as I can remember; I was born here…..