Hocus Pocus Questions…

It would seem that I have been tagged! No don’t worry I haven’t been arrested or anything; it was the lovely Rory over at A Guy Called Bloke  who tagged me for some Halloween jiggery pokery. This fantastic bit of fluff and fun was originally created by Kim Chance and Destiney Murtaugh….

Autumn – MIA

Seasons tend to be pretty orderly and follow on one from another without too much fuss but not here apparently, we seem to have gone straight from summer to winter in the space of one week. 7 days ago I was basking in wall to wall sunshine in shorts and a t-shirt and now I’m in socks, jeans and jumpers; what the hell happened to autumn?????

Song Lyric Sunday: Give/Giving

Morning :O) Did we all remember to put the clocks forward last night? Well done if you did; I forgot and what was a lie in until 7am became a ‘damn’ and ‘what the hell, I’m awake now’. So, here I am, at my keyboard at 7.30 am but ready to tackle another Song Lyric Sunday. The prompt this week, given to us as always by the lovely Helen, is give or giving; if you love music and want to meet some cool new blogging friends why not play along:

The world is in motion Nothing still As the Dance goes on Weaving Gliding Twisting Forming patterns like the crystals of a snowflake Painting pictures Creating stories Dying Birthing Re-creating Is there really a time for everything Or is everything in its time? And is there a difference? Soon, time will be no more The […]



I have admired Lorraine’s poetry for quite some time and I read this and just had to share it with you. She’s enormously talented and has a cracking sense of humour to boot – please visit her site and read her amazing work…




For You………..

I know that there are many of you out there in Wordpress land who are grieving for the loss of someone dear to you. I know too that, sometimes, grief can make you feel very, very alone; you’re not. This song is for all of you because I know that you will understand……

We’re So Lucky…

We have no need to go out; the whole world ‘s on our phones

We have no need of imagination; in front of the television

We have no need to learn; Google has knowledge in spades

We have no need to cook; additives, a microwave, meals done

The truth is… I don’t want to feel good Right now, I don’t want to be ready To meet my new day, After a night Of missing you, My bed, Empty. My heart, Empty. My life… Empty. I no longer Can feel How to breathe. And last night I did What I kept Telling myself […]

via My Perplexing Indulgence With Despair — WCS Poetry

This is for any of you out there who have suffered loss and pain; you will understand completely, as I did, Bill’s heartbreakingly beautiful words………

That Moment of Terror….

As Halloween is coming fast upon us I wondered, do you remember the first time that a film or a TV series scared the bejeezus out of you? You know the sort of thing, you’re utterly terrified but  you just can’t tear your eyes away from the screen. I remember hiding behind the sofa when the Daleks ventured onto the set of Doctor Who but it was watching a film called the Medusa Touch which gave me my first experience with blind terror…

Devil’s Advocate…….

Years of  imprisonment, mental and emotional torture carried out on a daily basis before finally murdering a man in cold blood. There is no remorse from any of the perpetrators and they believe that they have every right to do what they have done. Do you think that they deserve the death penalty for their crimes?

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