The Hardest Battle….

We were given the right pair of glasses to view the world through – they weren’t rose tinted and they weren’t dark and sombre shades either, they were perfectly, beautifully, CLEAR. We all learned that, whatever happens in life, it’s how you view it and process it in your own mind that will make the difference – your experiences are based on your perceptions…..

Be honest. Is it just me?

I can’t help but wonder if the people that put out these ‘quick and easy’ weight loss plans actually think about the people they are supposedly trying to help; if something is so ‘quick and easy’ how does it make the people feel who don’t shrink down to a size 10 in a couple of months? Like failures I would imagine – how is that helping?

My Faith Is Restored!

If you’re having the kind of day where you’re wondering if people are all just mean and nasty assholes and the entire human race is doomed to self-destruct under the weight of its prejudice and hatred – have a look at this………

The Best Film Ever!

Have you ever watched a film that was so incredibly, mind alteringly brilliant that it stayed with you for days, months or even years after it finished? Did it speak to you on a level so deep that you never thought that such a thing could be possible? Everyone has seem a film like that at one time or another in their lives – what was yours?

Song Lyric Sunday

I picked up on this over here at Lydia’s site and I really liked the concept so I thought I’d join in and wondered if you might like to as well. The idea is to come up with song lyrics which, for you, best match the theme – in this case ‘Let Go’. My choice, which may, at first glance, appear not to make one iota of sense is Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes….

Am I Dead Inside?

I just don’t seem to feel anymore, do you know what I mean? It’s not as though I don’t have feelings anymore; I can feel happy or sad or pissed off or whatever but there is nothing truly deep. After I lost my husband, over 4 years ago now (time which has seemed like eons and the blink of an eye), something that once resided in my very core just isn’t there anymore…..

Queens of Infamy: Anne Boleyn

Originally posted on Longreads:
Anne Thériault | Longreads | May 2018 | 23 minutes (5,949 words) From the notorious to the half-forgotten, Queens of Infamy, a Longreads series by Anne Thériault, focuses on badass world-historical women of centuries past. * * * Some people believe that the Myers-Briggs questionnaire is the ultimate way to classify personality…

How Much Are You Worth?

So my question to you is – what do you think you are worth? If your blog posts were tangible things where would you sell them – the local market, a department store or would you create and build your own Blog Store? Perhaps I’m really asking what price do you put on yourself…………

How to be a Hypocrite

5.Change your position on important subjects regularly to ensure that you are always aligned with the people who can benefit you the most
6. Emulate Donald Trump ( I was going to continue with a 7, 8 and 9 but I don’t think I really need to now)

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