Sunshine Blogger Award

And the award goes to…….those who are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community and, apparently, that includes me! I am chuffed to little mintballs!! A big shout out and a huge thank you to Word Hunter who kindly nominated me for the award and set a bunch of questions that I found surprisingly difficult to answer. Of course that could be because I’m still suffering from the plague a cold but enough playing for sympathy (if you could just pass the tissues and a hot toddy would be lovely, thanks) let’s get on with the rules:

3.2.1 Quote Me! Challenge

A huge thank you to the lovely Darren over at ArtyPlantsman for nominating me for this challenge. I am a huge fan of his blog, which is always hugely entertaining, but also of Darren himself who welcomed me to the WP family when I first started blogging with open arms. He is one of those rare people who genuinely have a kind and gentle soul and I am proud to count him as a friend.

Song Lyric Sunday: Drink

Good morning fellow bloggers, how are we all today? Hope you’re all set for a super Sunday :O) I still only have one fully functioning nostril and a small cactus appears to have wedged itself down my throat but the brain fog has lifted slightly so I’m here to join in with Song Lyric Sunday. Created by the lovely Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time, it’s an opportunity for music lovers to come together and share their favourite songs. Each week Helen gives us a one word prompt and this week it’s drink.

After Bof there is Bleurgh

Do you remember the last time that you had a head cold or how you felt? Like you wanted to cut your head off, empty out all the crap inside that’s been trying to force its way out of your nose for the last 24 hours? Wondering why an iphone can pinpoint your exact location on the planet but can’t come up with anything better than rest and drink plenty of fluids? Yep? Know what I mean?

Feeling Bof

You know that wonderful feeling you have when you’ve come home late from a night out, feeling knackered, but knowing  that you don’t have to get up early in the morning? You snuggle down into the pillow, wrap the duvet (or bed covering of choice) around your shoulders and give yourself over to lovely, lovely sleep with a happy little smile on your face. I had that last night and I drifted off to sleep feeling totally content at around 11.45………

Pity the Little Ducklings?

Have you ever seen something in the news that made you want to put your head in your hands and weep for the world that you’re living in? The kind of thing that makes you think ‘how the hell did we get to this point?’. I read a report this morning that did exactly that. It was about a nursery school (for children of 4 years and under) that had been downgraded by the Government body that monitors such things because it isn’t doing enough to monitor which of the children could be radicalised by ISIS! Now don’t get me wrong, I realise that terrorism is a serious issue but we are talking about little more than babies here!?!??!

I just had to share this with you as I can’t stop chuckling over it! If you don’t know Brian, pop over to Bonnywood Manor and have a read, I promise you won’t regret it :O) x

1. Getting the lawn mower out of the shed Once upon a time, we thought it would be really cute to convert the garage into another den, because we had too much furniture in the rest of the house. (I have an inability to consider where I’m going to put something before I buy it.) […]

via 10 Reasons Why Yard Work Is Not Your Friend — Bonnywood Manor

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