#FOWC: Repress

What the fuck was he doing here? His head felt groggy and he didn’t recognise his surroundings; fear began to set in. He tried to wipe the sweat from his eyes but he couldn’t move his arms, it seemed  they were bound with something; perhaps he was paralyzed?  Had he been in an accident? Was this hospital? 


Stumbling in the half light, trying to find the path

Where a foal once led my inner child, sure footed

Don’t look back, therein lies the darkness, she implored

#FOWC: Over

She sat in the back of the tiny boat and watched the face of the ferryman as he rowed her to the shore. It was completely blank but shadows played across it as the light began to dim. She was desperate for reassurance but the ferryman did not speak. In the distance she could see a figure on the opposite bank, dressed all in black; he was waiting for her….

Apparently I Need Help…….

This may not come as a shock to those of you who know me and I do wonder myself some days but I was quite surprised to be told that I need help by a journalist. The fact that it wasn’t just me she was addressing but all ‘women over 50’ didn’t make me feel any better! So, what now? Another bit of me is going to dry up or drop off? A scientist has decided that I should stop going to the gym because my skeleton is busy crumbling to dust inside my wrinkled skin?

Song Lyric Sunday: Take/Taking

Good morning one and all :O) Here we are again at the end of another week and it’s time for Song Lyric Sunday; the perfect way to discover new music and find new friends. As always the prompt has been given to us by the lovely Helen and this week it’s take/taking. If you’d like to play along, and I hope that you will, here are some rules for you:

Past Mistakes…..

Torquemada blazed the trail, thousands perished

In the great name of Faith he struck them down, proud

Thomas Cromwell tortured, maimed, broke heretics

In God’s name and the King’s: treason or some such

Assassination Attempts & a Doppelganger

Morning All :O) I don’t know about you but I’ve had quite an interesting week what with 2 assassination attempts and discovering that I have a doppelganger. Now this could be a slight exaggeration and you can put that down to my over-active imagination; I’ll let you decide.

#FOWC – Tantrum

Morning all :O) There are quite a few challenges and prompts circulating Wordpress at the moment so I thought I’d take up the gauntlet and give one a go. Here you have it then, my first attempt at Fandango’s one word challenge; today’s word is ‘tantrum’…….

Smile and the World…….Runs!

I don’t know if it’s all this talk of Halloween but I got to thinking about the terror that can be found in a truly evil smile. You know what I mean, the mouth is turned up at the edges but the eyes belong to someone who wants to do unspeakable things to you (and not in a good way!). Therefore, in the spirit of sharing and maybe scaring the crap out of you I thought I’d put together some of my favourites (and by favourites I mean those that, after the first viewing, gave me nightmares for weeks…….