Impending Sense of Dread……

Is there anything that have to do, on a regular basis, that you really hate doing? You know what I mean, it’s necessary, but if you could put it off you would and you find yourself always getting a teeny bit stressed the day before. Maybe it’s going to the dentist or monthly meetings at work, medical check ups, that kind of thing; the kind of appointment that you’re never going to forget because we don’t ever forget the things that we’re dreading……..Yes? You get where I’m coming from? Good, I’m so glad I’m not alone in this. 

Do You Realise How Awesome You Are?

Do you sometimes struggle with your blog? Do you put your heart and soul into a piece, convinced that it will be the one to gain you real recognition, and you get 3 likes and zero comments? Do you look at what other people are doing and feel that your work just pales in comparison? If so this quote is for you because you are doing what millions of people don’t have the confidence, drive or determination to do: you are writing from your heart and sharing a part of you with the whole world. 

Who are the 0.00000001%?

99% of people don’t care about you or even think about you, they don’t care what you wear, how you look, where you go, who you see…….nothing. They don’t give a flying cornflake if you’re having a bad day or your cat just died or you just lost your job. Why? Because people are inherently selfish; they think about themselves, their lives and their problems because that is what is within their experience and is what affects them directly.

Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers, I hope that you’re enjoying your day :O) So, it’s time for us to share our favourite song lyrics based on this week’s theme which is ‘think’. As someone who doesn’t think outside the box but can sometimes be found rooting around in the deepest darkest corners, I decided to share a song with you which actually has no lyrics. Yes, you heard me right, no lyrics this week but the most beautiful piece of music and a video that I watched over and over again because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The Streets Where I Live….

If you happen to pass this way on a regular basis, you’ll know that I live in the South of France having uped-sticks from Blighty a couple of years ago. After I lost my husband I knew that I needed to make a drastic change or I would risk spending the rest of my life existing, not living and so I found an apartment, packed up my stuff, booked the flights and the rest is history. I absolutely LOVE it here and so I wanted to give you a little tour:

The Meaning Of Life (Part 2)

Try to imagine a situation where it was suddenly made very clear to you that you had no great purpose in life and that your very existence resulted from nothing more than intense boredom? How would you feel if the person who broke that news to you then just buggered off to have a nice cup of tea? 

Dear fellow menopause suffers and, well, women in general really, please have a read of this great post, it made me laugh out loud – I promise you won’t be disappointed :O)

Before the menopause, I’d go to sleep at night and wake up 8 or 9 hours later feeling refreshed and ready for another day’s crap. I’ve slept through storms and earthquakes and that’s despite being over-sensitive to noise in the daytime. It was one of my better points that I could lose myself in my […]

via The Menopause and Bad Dreams — Inside The Rainbow

This Post is Not for Everybody…

So, if you’re not a menopausal woman whose deepest desire is for someone to invent a stylish hat with an inbuilt fridge, you can probably look away now. For those of you still with me, if the bain of your life is hot flushes (flashes for the American contingent),  I think I’ve found something that will help.

The Man Who Cried Rape…

The story broke in the morning papers, a few hours after this respected elder statesman had finally been told what he had been accused of. He left the police station a broken man, broken by questions and accusations and into the waiting glare of the press, waiting like hyenas to capture the perfect image of his shame and confusion.

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