Is This What You Want?

My Pilates instructor said “yes, that’s it perfect! Just stay like that while I find my phone and I’ll take a picture”. A couple of minutes in that position and your abs definitely know that they’ve been worked so I was cursing her by the time she took the shot :o)


Anyone who works out or just strenuously exercises will have experienced this at some point or another; the pain usually creeps up on you 2 or 3 days after the event and, I must be honest, depending on the muscles you’ve overworked, it’s not pleasant.

What Do Women Really Want?

Why do we try so hard to understand other people? At the end of the day, if we are really, truly honest, we want other people to be like us – we get us, we’ve spent time with us and we know how we tick, we’re comfortable with us…….

Flicking a Switch!

Imagine someone deposits $86,400 in your account. You can do with the money as you please. No questions asked. But at midnight, all the money you didn’t spend disappears, but you receive another $86.400.

The Power of Advertising?

With their almost hypnotic powers of persuasion, we become convinced that the new Biological Bling will make our whites so dazzlingly white that everything we ever dreamed of will be delivered to us on a silver platter by a pink unicorn…..

Stairway to Hell

It might sound daft but one way I’ve found of dealing with it is to find a really fast paced track on my i-phone and run up simply because it gets them out of the way more quickly. I should have said that I run up the stairs as a way to boost my cardio fitness but that’s crap, I just don’t like the bloody things! 

No S**t Sherlock.

I wonder how many more ‘studies’ will need to be commissioned and how many more campaigns chefs will have to embark on before people realise the simple truth – if you feed your children fattening foods and don’t encourage them to exercise – they will get fat?

It’s A Miracle!

This is it! It’s finally happened, a miracle! Years of research and scientific discovery have, at last, found a way to lose weight that is absolutely guaranteed. It’s absolutely free, you don’t have to buy any special potions or powders and it will work – no doubt! Are you ready………..?

When even Healthy isn’t Healthy!

Food is not something we can exist without (well not for very long anyway) so is it really any wonder that so many of us have such a complex relationship with it? What’s your relationship with food? I’d really love it if you’d share your thoughts with me….