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#BlogBattle: Loss

At her age, she had never expected to find the man of her dreams but here he was, standing before her and, better yet, he was smiling and that beautiful smile was only for her. All her life Sarah had been overlooked or, worse, ignored; she was unassuming, deeply sensitive and incredibly kind but she was plain and she knew it.


“Do you know Paul, I’m really not sure about this, I’ve honestly been doing OK these last few weeks” He’d tried for certainty but even he could hear the hesitation in his voice; he hadn’t been doing OK at all but was this really the answer?

The Next Step…..

Many of you wonderful guys out there have been so encouraging about the drivel I post on here that I decided to submit a few short stories to an online magazine. I don’t know if anything will come of it but it’s the first step so I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support. I’ve felt stuck for a while now but, with this, I feel like I may, finally, be moving forward.

FOWC: Free

He almost felt sorry for the woman in the witness box, she looked so pathetic with her scraggy hair, tiny watery eyes and turned down mouth. ‘She really is one of the most unattractive women I’ve ever seen’ he thought to himself.

321 Quote Me! – Creative Writing

Once again, I stood still long enough for someone to tag me and this time it was the master of the one word prompt and all round great guy, Fandango. If you haven’t come across this before it’s a fun challenge and, like all challenges it has it’s rules:

FOWC: Driver

“Can you take me to number 10 Ave Maria Lane please?”

Without waiting for an answer George climbed into the Hackney carriage. He hadn’t much liked the look of it but what was a man to do after a late night at the club? The chaps had certainly been on form tonight and by God he’d feel it in the morning, his head was swimming

Hocus Pocus Questions…

It would seem that I have been tagged! No don’t worry I haven’t been arrested or anything; it was the lovely Rory over at A Guy Called Bloke  who tagged me for some Halloween jiggery pokery. This fantastic bit of fluff and fun was originally created by Kim Chance and Destiney Murtaugh….

Where is Your G Spot???

Where do you get your best ideas for your blog? You know, those posts where you feel like you’ve created something really special and you want everyone to read it right away. Do you have a special place that just seems to feed you inspiring thoughts? I like to call it the Genius Spot, hence the title…..ooohhh you thought I meant……noooo sorry, I was talking about something else entirely!

Why Is This So Hard????

Since I started this blog a few months ago I’ve written over 125,000 words and, for the most part, they’ve all been pretty well behaved. They pop into my head in their droves, without any real prompting and then just seem to organise themselves into something that I can hand over to you guys. We have fun together, they flow and I ebb and we mosey along at our own pace, holding hands and skipping occasionally. So why is it that, when I try to organise them all into book format they decide that they hate me and they’re going on holiday without me?????