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Song Lyric Sunday

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I hope that you all have a smile on your face and a song in your heart because today is all about music! Yes, it’s time, once again, for Song Lyric Sunday which is brought to us by the lovely Jim Adams, I’m sure he’d love for you to stop by and check out his blog.  If you’d like to take part and share your favourite tunes here are some rules:

Song Lyric Sunday

Good morning all you lovely people! How have you been? I hope that life is taking good care of you. How about some music to kick off your Sunday? It’s time once again for Helen Vahdati’s Song Lyric Sunday which is brought to us by Jim Adams who has kindly taken on the job of providing us with a new prompt each week.

Song Lyric Sunday

How did we get to the end of another week so quickly? I have no idea but here we are again and it’s time for Song Lyric Sunday, our chance to discover new music and and find new blogging friends. Brought to us by Jim Adams (do pop over and say hello, he’d love to see you), this week’s theme is River/Stream/Creek/Brook. If you’d like to play along and I do hope you will because it’s fun, here are some rules for you:

Song Lyric Sunday

Good morning and a happy Sunday to you all :O) It’s time to share our favourite tracks once again and to discover new music by connecting with other bloggers. Jim Adams brings us the prompt this week which is Ocean/Sea/Lake/Bay and, I have to say, I found it incredibly difficult. However, I eventually remembered this wonderful song by Pink Floyd and, fortunately, the lyrics only deviate from the prompt a tiny bit ;O)

Song Lyric Sunday

Good Morning One and All and Happy Sunday! It’s time again for our weekly foray into the wonderful world of music; what better place to lose yourself? If you’re a music fan or you’re looking for a fun way to meet new bloggers why not play along? SLS is brought to us this week by Jim Adams and he has challenged us to come up with the prompt “No”. If you’d like to play along and why wouldn’t you because its fun, here are some rules for you:


So many words screaming through my mind, tearing it apart

Nonsense, every single one. Incoherent, unconnected, banal

Cruel syllables, pathetic prose mock and taunt. Brain farts

Why Is This So Hard????

Since I started this blog a few months ago I’ve written over 125,000 words and, for the most part, they’ve all been pretty well behaved. They pop into my head in their droves, without any real prompting and then just seem to organise themselves into something that I can hand over to you guys. We have fun together, they flow and I ebb and we mosey along at our own pace, holding hands and skipping occasionally. So why is it that, when I try to organise them all into book format they decide that they hate me and they’re going on holiday without me?????