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Song Lyric Sunday

Good morning and a happy Sunday to you all :O) It’s time to share our favourite tracks once again and to discover new music by connecting with other bloggers. Jim Adams brings us the prompt this week which is Ocean/Sea/Lake/Bay and, I have to say, I found it incredibly difficult. However, I eventually remembered this wonderful song by Pink Floyd and, fortunately, the lyrics only deviate from the prompt a tiny bit ;O)

Song Lyric Sunday

Good Morning One and All and Happy Sunday! It’s time again for our weekly foray into the wonderful world of music; what better place to lose yourself? If you’re a music fan or you’re looking for a fun way to meet new bloggers why not play along? SLS is brought to us this week by Jim Adams and he has challenged us to come up with the prompt “No”. If you’d like to play along and why wouldn’t you because its fun, here are some rules for you:

Song Lyric Sunday: Laughter

Morning Everyone :O) I’ve rather missed Song Lyric Sunday over the last couple of weeks so I’m pleased to see that it’s back albeit with a new host. Helen is taking a well deserved break but Jim Adams has kindly offered to step in as guest host, thanks Jim :O) If you haven’t played along please do give it a try, it’s such a great way to meet blogging friends and discover new music. The rules are simple:

Song Lyric Sunday: Girls

Good morning fellow bloggers, I hope that your week has been kind to you and that you’re in tearing spirits and ready for Song Lyric Sunday. This musical challenge, brought to us by the lovely Helen is a great opportunity to share your favourite tracks, discover new music and hook up with other bloggers; why not give it a try?

Song Lyric Sunday: Last

Here we are, the first Sunday in December and ready to celebrate…..no not Christmas that’s still 3 weeks away….Song Lyric Sunday :O) Brought to us each week by the lovely Helen (she’s been poorly so why not pop over to see her and give her a virtual hug), it presents the perfect opportunity to discover new music and meet new bloggers.

Song Lyric Sunday: Take/Taking

Good morning one and all :O) Here we are again at the end of another week and it’s time for Song Lyric Sunday; the perfect way to discover new music and find new friends. As always the prompt has been given to us by the lovely Helen and this week it’s take/taking. If you’d like to play along, and I hope that you will, here are some rules for you:

Song Lyric Sunday: Sleep

Here we are again, greeting another Sunday; what are you up to today? Something fun? Me? Well, I’m putting together my submission for Song Lyric Sunday, a fantastic way to find new music and new blogger friends. If you haven’t played along before, why not have a go this week? The lovely Helen over at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time has given us the prompt Sleep………..

Song Lyric Sunday: Glass

Well, another week has dashed by with unseemly haste and here we are again with another serving of Song Lyric Sunday, brought to us by the lovely Helen who resides at This thing called life one word at a time. Why not pay her a visit and then play along with us, you’ll have an awesome time discovering new music and making new friends.

Song Lyric Sunday: Drink

Good morning fellow bloggers, how are we all today? Hope you’re all set for a super Sunday :O) I still only have one fully functioning nostril and a small cactus appears to have wedged itself down my throat but the brain fog has lifted slightly so I’m here to join in with Song Lyric Sunday. Created by the lovely Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time, it’s an opportunity for music lovers to come together and share their favourite songs. Each week Helen gives us a one word prompt and this week it’s drink.

Song Lyric Sunday

I picked up on this over here at Lydia’s site and I really liked the concept so I thought I’d join in and wondered if you might like to as well. The idea is to come up with song lyrics which, for you, best match the theme – in this case ‘Let Go’. My choice, which may, at first glance, appear not to make one iota of sense is Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes….