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Motorbikes, Mountains and Toilets…

Have you ever had one of those days that was practically perfect? When everything in the Universe just came together to keep a smile on your face from morning ’till night? We love those days as they’re happening and the memories stay with us for years. I had one  yesterday, 12 hours of fun, sun and enjoyment with only one teeny, tiny fly in the ointment…..

Tough Decisions…..

Morning chaps, how are we all today? If you’ve got a minute I could really use your advice with something because I just cannot decide what to do. To explain, I’ve been living alone for more than 4 years now and, to be honest, I feel pretty lonely some of the time. Yesterday, a friend came up with a solution that would also involve helping others at the same time. Should be easy to say ‘yes’ shouldn’t it but…….

Time to Put on My Big Girl Panties…

One foot in, then the other and hoist! Hard! You know that your mental health is not what it should be when you start wishing that you were a fictional TV lawyer and your comfort zone feels like a prison; well, I say ‘ENOUGH!’ Sorry to yell like that but I need to be shouting this from the rooftops because I am getting on my own last nerve at the moment. When you don’t like your own company, you know it’s time for a change…

Got to be Perfect?

In our desperate attempts to be perfect, we ignore all the wonderful things about ourselves and focus our attention on our flaws, the things to be improved. If we put all this energy into recognising what is good in us, what is beautiful, wouldn’t we naturally find perfect happiness?

There Must be More…..

to life than this. Have you ever thought that, when you were having a bad day, when nothing seemed to be going your way? Maybe you felt at the end of your tether, that life just seems to be an endless slog, every day the same with nothing ever getting any better?

If you Don’t Like it, Don’t do It!

How many of you remember Tommy Cooper? He used to tell this joke about going to the doctor and saying “My arm really hurts when I do this”; the doctor’s replies “Well don’t do it then”. Not a particularly funny joke but really great advice don’t you think? How much of your life do you spend doing things you don’t like? Maybe you hate your job, you’re unhappy in your relationship, don’t like the way you look? If so, I have a question for you – why do you keep doing things you don’t enjoy?

How to Stay Motivated

Do you find that some mornings you just wake up with a spring in your step and a song in your heart and, at other times, you just want to tell the whole world to bog off and leave you alone? Sometimes you’ll read an inspirational quote and send a virtual hug to the angel that posted it and other days you’ll read something similar and you’ll want to scream

Motivation Station

Imagine, if you will, that you’re sitting in the most comfortable of squashy armchairs, your favourite  hot beverage and a plate of, melt in your mouth, cookies on a table beside you. The room temperature is quite perfect, the air is full of delicious odours and beautiful and tranquil music is playing in the background at just the right volume. You feel absolutely content.

Well, that was odd!

Can I ask you a question? Have you ever had something happen to you that was really amazing but then you didn’t want to tell any of your friends about it in case they thought that you were a few sandwiches short of a picnic? You know, not the usual ‘what’s she done now’ accompanied by a fond, if slightly patronising smile, but a real ‘OK move away from the crazy lady’?