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If in the Name of Equality…

Do you sometimes come across something in the news that you get a bit miffed about but you don’t like to say anything because you know that your views might offend some people? Do you really enjoy free and open debate, even on the thorniest of subjects like politics and religion, but find that it’s increasingly difficult to avoid the minefields planted in the name of political correctness?

Motivation Station

Imagine, if you will, that you’re sitting in the most comfortable of squashy armchairs, your favourite  hot beverage and a plate of, melt in your mouth, cookies on a table beside you. The room temperature is quite perfect, the air is full of delicious odours and beautiful and tranquil music is playing in the background at just the right volume. You feel absolutely content.

Lend Me Your Ears

If you’re having a bad day what is that you most crave? A hug? A chocolate biscuit? A huge glass of something alcoholic? Or maybe you just want someone to listen while you pour out the details of your crappy day. The problem is that most people don’t actually listen do they? That’s probably why hugs, chocolate biscuits and alcohol were invented in the first place. 

Advertising: Free Space for Rant

This is a completely free, one time offer to all my fellow bloggers. Do you have days when you are pissed off with the world in general and you really want to let rip? Do you keep it to yourself so that you don’t offend/have to live with the recriminations/upset those you love etc etc? If so this space is for you – you can rent a vent :O)

Song Lyric Sunday

Good morning and Happy Sunday :O) So, another week has rolled by with alarming speed and it’s time again for Song Lyric Sunday, introduced to us by the fabulous Helen over at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time. If you’re a music fan I urge you to play along, I’ve been introduced to some fantastic new songs; if you’re up for it, here are the rules:

Do You Remember Your First Blog Post?

Your first kiss, the first time you had sex and your very first blog post; there are some things that we never forget. Can I take you back in time to yours?  Do you even remember what it was about or is it the feelings that have stayed with you? The fear of what people will think, the excitement of putting your thoughts out there for anyone to read? Were you just bursting with passion and desperate to share it with others or did you write, then rewrite, then trash and then finally hit post after a couple of glasses of wine? 

You Are Unique…..

How much would you pay for something that was a complete one off? If you knew, without a shadow of a doubt that, in over 7 billion examples, there was only ONE like this. Something that precious is priceless isn’t it? Well, that’s you. You are unique; why do you think you are worthless? 

Loins Girded……

Do you find that, when you’re really not looking forward to something, you have a mental process which allows you to pull up your big girl (or boy) panties and just get out there and do it? It’s the mental equivalent of a kick up the arse. It could involve deep breathing or visualizing a positive rather than negative experience, a quick shot of vodka, who knows, it’s different for everyone.