If it’s stiff, oil it!

Yoga is considered by the National Institute of Health in America as a form of complementary medicine because it combines muscular activity with an internally directed focus on the self. Regular practice of Yoga promotes strength and flexibility; you were born flexible but a sedentary lifestyle leads to our bodies getting lazy, our muscles atrophy and our joints settle into a limited range. When you were a toddler you would have thought nothing of tucking your legs behind your ears but could you do it now? I guess that the word no springs to mind but you could……

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, these guys have been doing yoga for years!! They probably have but they’re no spring chickens are they? The stretches that they have been doing are, effectively, reducing the natural aging process; our bodies dehydrate and get stiffer with age but yoga slows this process by stimulating the production of tissue lubricants – it’s the same effect as a squirt of WD40 on a sticky hinge. The side benefit of this increased suppleness and flexibility is that our bodies are less prone to injury. How many times have you bent down or leaned over and felt something twinge in your back? Yoga increases range of movement for your muscles and joints which means that, after a few weeks, those twinges will be a thing of the past.

Your image of yoga devotees may be that they are all skinny minnies who can move so easily because they have absolutely no fat on their bodies – not true. Yoga is beneficial to everyone no matter what their size and the increased flexibility and strength that it gives means that other, cardio vascular exercises, become easier and more enjoyable.

Anyone can enjoy yoga so why not give it a try and, please, let me know how you get on.

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